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Sintop has come a long way since the innovative engineer Jack Hanlong founded the company in 2002.Jack brings invaluable 36 years of well-rounded technical expertise to Sintop, which has now become the industry leader in retail display and fixtures manufacturing. Up to this day, Sintop employs and trains all our designers and engineers to pursue Jack's spirit which promotes creativity and cost-efficiency for our clients.


Regardless if you come to us with fully developed concept or just a basic idea.Our engineering team is able to turn your vision into effective merchandising equipment while focusing on your needs,product functionality and fashion trends.

Hydraulic Bending

5 Hydraulic bending machines are special good at making sheet metal items. Longest we can bend is 90”(2300mm) with various angles to meet your requirement.

Tube Laser & Punching

More than 50 numbers of press punching machines in  the production line to secure on time shipment.

Plus a 3D tube laser which can save our clients tooling charge  and much lead time for small qtys.

Spot Welding:

Multi-spot welding is very efficient and productive for all different wires and sheet metal parts.Shelves can be done on this machine efficiently.

TIG&MIG Welding:

Most of welders are working in Sintop more than 5  years.They can do very clean and neat welding to meet high quality.


Either Manual or Automatic polish machines are available in Sintop. Normally we do 3 process of polish for regular chrome, 5 process  for mirror chrome.

Powder coating:

A very long powder coating line through our whole second floor.The longest product we can do is 138"L x 71" W x 59". Various colors,clear coat,tinted lacquer,two coats are our standard.

Chrome Plating:

Two plating lines are running.In order to keep high quality and on time shipment Sintop is only do own products in house.


Every worker is Q.C in packaging department. We are very strict on last step checking eventhough we have Q.C at each workshop for checking in advance. Our goal is stop all bad parts before packing.

Wooden workshop:

Simply making Melamine, Laminate,Veneer and Painting in house. This save clients time to source different finishes and management time for assembly.

Acrylic workshop:

Simply Laser cut in house,hot bending,drilling,glue in house to meet customer requirement.And easy to check against metal parts for better assembly.



                       ISO9001                                                                                ISO14001                                                                 OSHAS18001

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Regardless if you come to us with fully developed concept or just a basic idea, our engineering team is able to

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