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How to stop rusty issue for clear coat ? 2019-03-19

Nowadays,consumer's requirement and sight view are getting higher and higher.

People care more on the healthy finish.  This is happened on store fixture products as well. Many stores want clear coat finish on different fixtures. 

As manufacturer ,clear coat is the most difficult finish than other colors. It's easy to be rusted if not treated properly.

Here are some tips I hope to help you and help more and more factories.

1. When you choose material at very beginning,it must be clean ,no scratch cold roll steel. 

2. During cutting materials,please wear plastic glove inside,then cloth glove outside to avoid the sweat touch on the products directly.

3. When you do welding in the workshop. Please always  brush  rust preventing oil on the welding marks. 

4. Using cloth to cleanning oil before products go on line pre-treatment.

5. Using hot water to wash products and make sure oil is cleanned.

6. Zinc phosphorization the surface before painting powder on .This is very important process to avoid rusty . 

7. Cross testing,using 3M tape to check adhesion of powder .

Thanks for your reading !

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