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Mid Autumn Day 2019-09-16

  September 12, 2019, Lunar calendar, the Chinese Mid Autumn Day. Xiamen has a traditional activity to celebrate the Middle Autumn Day which we call " BoBing". It's a interesting game, Sintop hold every year on the day of Middle Autumn. 

  All the "BoBing" game requries are six dice and a big bowl. Normally 10 peoples in a table and throw the dice into the bolw by turn. The pips of dice you get stand for different ranks of prize you will win. The luck number is 4. The more you get 4, the more prize you would get. For example, one 4 is "xiucai", and you can get small prize, four 4 is " Zhuangyuan", and congratulations, you get the bigest prize. People believe who get " zhuangyuan " in the game will have good luck in the whole year.

  We all enjoyed the game, it's funny, and everyone can get prize in the game.

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